About us

We started Mealtime with a simple, but ambitious goal. We want to change the way that South Africa eats!

In our modern, hectic world, people don’t always have the time to cook nutritious meals for themselves and their families. Unhealthy takeaways are often the unfortunate solution. We have a better way!

We bring cooks and customers together by providing an online marketplace where chefs can promote home-cooked dinners, delivered directly to you, the hungry customer.

South Africa is full of fantastic home-cooks who are happy to deliver healthy, cost effective suppers, directly to your door. Eat them on the spot or pop them in the microwave when you get home, either way, for a similar cost as cooking yourself, we will take away the hassle and time of both grocery shopping and cooking, giving you more time to do the things you love!

More healthy then takeaways and as cheap as cooking for yourself, the service caters to busy working families and company employees who don't have time to slave over a stove themselves.

Order a couple of meals - you won’t regret it!