How does Mealtime work?

At its simplest level, Mealtime strives to be a bridge between you and the hungry hoards. We have the marketing expertise to get your products in front of a much larger audience and this increased exposure equals more meals sold and more money made. We handle all the admin and payments allowing you to do what you do best - cook amazing meals.

We take a commission from each payment and deposit the rest directly into your bank account. Simply do what you have always done - cook your delicious dishes and deliver the meals - and we will handle the rest!

Getting your meals out to a whole new audience has never been easier - follow these simple steps and your food will land up on a lot more dining tables:

1: Once a week you will receive an email reminding you to put up your menu for the next week. We simply need the following info for your dish to get it live on the site:

  • Meals name
  • A photo
  • A short description
  • How many you can produce per day
  • How much the meal cost.

2: Your food will be promoted to our customers and they will be able to choose and pay for their meals.

3: We will contact you with the orders and customer details and transfer the payments (minus our commission) directly into your account.

4: You work you magic in the kitchen

5: Lunches get delivered before 12pm and dinners before 4:30pm.

6: Happy customers and repeat purchases!

If you are interested in joining the Mealtime ranks, contact us on 060 892 8248 or and we will get back to you with more details ASAP.

We need your food!