How It Works

We take a bunch of great home cooks and get them to load daily food offerings on Mealtime. You simply come along and choose whatever you think looks the most delicious!

With photos and descriptions of each meal as well as other customers’ reviews to help you choose, you are guaranteed a sumptuous supper.

We suggest ordering your meals for a full week at once to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything particularly delectable - our cooks can only cook a so many meals a day!

Follow the simple steps below for a full stomach and a smiling face:

1: Browse our fantastic selection of meals on offer (we are adding more all the time) and check whether they are available for the area where you work or live. Make sure you check all the different days as our cooks like to keep their menus varied!

2: Add the tastiest looking meals to your basket and you will be asked to log into your account. If you don’t have an account already, 2 min and a couple of details is all it takes to join the Mealtime community. Once logged in, you can add more meals or simply move onto payment. Once your payment is received, we will process your orders and you can sit back and wait for your delicious meals to arrive.

And that’s it. Two simple steps and the stresses of cooking and shopping disappear like a bad memory!